I and my friends went to Bugger SSHOW. We decided not to go to Mcdonald anymore, but to go to Bugger SSHOW!

햄버거 1

Hanyang university is covered with beautiful cherry blossoms!

학교 벚꽃 2학교 벚꽃

벚꽃 야경

The women were Chinese. They were the fan-cafe members of a korean actor ‘Park Si Hoo’. They came here just to see the classroom where Park used when he was a student!!


I and my friens went to ‘DuGGI’, Tteokbboki buffet. Actually, the meaning of ‘DuGGI’ is two meal, but it was ‘Sae GGI’ which means three meal! We stayed there for 1 hour and half… The manager of the restaurant kept on looking us… Sorry for the people who were waiting for the tables at that time.                                               


Team project is not the time to do project or to study, but the time to chat with teammates. Kkk…



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