Some Sources of VP#2(Video 10)

These videos are the sources of VP#2.

At first, I took some videos of the scenery of central library.

Based on ‘Videos that don’t suck’, I tried to show the scenery of the library in different angles.

I tried to memorize the dialogue,,, but it was too hard…

I enjoyed the time. It was really really good experience.

Food and Drink (Video 9)

I really like ‘Duggi’, stir-fried rice cake buffet since I am a lover of that food.

I usually go there with my friends.

I wanted to take videos of me enjoying the dinner time!

It was quite interesting that the one who took the video of me and the one who sat behind me were the students of EWM class last year!!!

I also wanted to take videos of me enjoying the beer time!

I sometimes watch the videos when I want to drink.

It was a good experience to take videos of me.

HanYang and Festival (Video 8)

My first image about Hanyang University was ‘Winter’

I went to Hanyang University to take an entrance exam in 2010…6 years ago…..

At that time, literally, Hanyang University looked so COLD…

However, nowadays, the image of Hanyang University is ‘Warm’

I took the video which shows the main buildings of Hanyang Univ.

During the festival time, I could have good time since Zion.T is my favorite singer.

I also liked the girl group when I was a soldier…kkk…

Subway, Korean Palace, Studying (Video 7)

The sound of the subway makes me think about the competitive life.

I always feel that most people in Seoul live busy life unlike the people in Ulsan.

So, I took the video of a subway.

This video is the Korean Palace named Gyeonbokgung.

I feel comfortable when I go there.

I cannot concentrate on my studying during the daytime.

I sincerely think that the habit is a kind of mental disease..

Anyway, these two videos show where, when, how I study at night.

Ulsan, My Hometown(Video 6)

I was born in Ulsan, Korea.

Ulsan is mother of HYUNDAI and many many companies.

Ulsan is one of the  higly developed cities in Korea.

I had lived in Ulsan for 20 years. Although I live in Seoul where you can do many things, I sometimes miss my hometown.


I went to ‘MoonSu’ mountain with my father. It was really good!

Ulsan is located next to the sea, so I always went to the sea every week when I was young.

I went to the place to remind my memory.

When I see cherry blossom, I always miss Ulsan..

I don’t know the correct reason for that..

(I took this video when I went to ‘Yeouido’)

My Pet(Video 4)

In my family’s house, there is a cute pet.

His name is ‘Bok DDaeng’

Before we raise the dog, there were only few smiles in our house.

After ‘Bok DDaeng’ became our family member, the atmosphere of my family really changed.

Sorry to say,,, even though all the videos were not taken by portrait mode,,, I really want to show my lovely pet to you.


He always checks that whether we are following him or not. So cute!!!

He really likes to take a massage.

He really likes to take off our socks…

All the videos are based on  ‘Shoot what interests you‘, And most videos are short enough.


HongKong(Video 3)

I went to HongKong with my older sister last month.

The night view of HongKong was really fantastic!!

But I don’t want to recommend you to go to HongKong except the night view.

Nothing to do,,,unless you have enough enough enough money to enjoy shopping.

I wanted to share my memory about HongKong, so I decided to upload the videos.


The fantastic night view of HongKong!

I could see all the high buildings when I went to the highest obervatory in HongKong.

Since my girlfriend really likes M&M,,, I had a hard time find the M&M products…kkk.

So cute!

All videos are based on  ‘Shoot what interests you‘, and the last video is only 7 seconds(based on ‘Shoot short shots‘)

The Philippines(Video 2)

I told you guys before that I was a dorm manager of an English academy in the philippines.

I went to the beach with my teacher and friends.

I sometimes watch this video to feel cool and to remember the memory.

There were many surfers at that place since the wave was so high.

We really enjoyed the wave although we did not borrow surfboards.

The man is one of my teachers.

He is truly an amazing entertainer.

He made us really happy enough.

I miss him, Ernest.

(All these 3 videos were based on ‘ Shoot what interests you‘ and video 2-part 2 is based on ‘  Shoot short shots‘. Two of the three videos were taken in portrait mode,,, but I want to share my memory with you. So I decided to upload the videos.)