5/20 Han River

I went to Han  River with my friend.

The view and the weather of that day were so nice!!!

I have lived in Seoul for several years, but I usually stay in WangShipRi.

I think that I have to go to other places just to relieve my stress.


This is the sculpture of ‘Monster’

I cannot understand why the government put that the sculpture near Han River…


5/6 My Hometown

I went to my hometown, Ulsan.

Since May 5, May 6 were holidays, I could visit my hometown to take a rest.

Our pet named ‘Bok Daeng’ was happy beacuse he really likes to run on wide places.

I let him not to move because my parents were doing planting.


Ulsan is located near beach, so I could enjoy the raw fish food.

I was happy that I could enjoy my short vacation with my family.