Video Project #2 – 4Men

Video Project 2

Smokers and Non-Smokers

by 4Men.

Before we started to shoot the film, we had voted for the subject of VP2 using ‘KaKaoTalk’.

All our team members suggested two ideas, and my ideas were about ‘Different perception of Smokers and Non-Smokers’ and ‘The pitiful life of a university student’.

Finally, my idea about ‘Smokers and Non-Smokers’ was chosen for VP2!!!

This film is about the perspectives in which smokers and non-smokers have about smoking in general. At first, all they have some misunderstanding, but finally, they could understand each other and smokers are considerate of non-smokers.

Blog Posts about Video Project #2(N.2)

While I was passing the central library of Hanyang University with my friend,

we saw the smoking room.

Since there is no smoking room around ITBT building(where I always stay), it was quite interesting.

I also saw some people who were smoking on the benches, even though there is a smoking room near the entrance of central library.

So, I made some scenarios about our VP2 after I saw the smoking room and some people who were smoking on the benches.

(The man who wears orange jacket is my friend.. So, don’t worry about the portrait rights…kkk)

Blog Posts about Video Project #2 (N.1)


The word that I really hate, but the word that I cannot forget…

I tried more than five times not to smoke,,,

but I always failed…

So I thought that it would be quite interesting to make VP2 about smoking.

I suggested the idea about ‘Smoker and Non-Smoker’ after I saw the packs of cigarette on my table… (Each group member suggested two ideas, and finally my idea was chosen!!!)

Oh…….my lung…